University of Iowa
Energy Collaborative

Partnering for Sustainable Development

To ensure the long-term reliability and sustainability of the university’s utility services, UI has entered into a public-private partnership (P3) with the University of Iowa Energy Collaborative (UIEC), an entity comprised of ENGIE North America and Meridiam.

ENGIE brings its deep expertise to the UIEC to modernize and manage UI’s utility systems. Meridiam provides the financial backbone to enable the success of utility improvement projects. Altogether, this partnership will help the university meet its energy transition objectives and become completely coal-free by 2025 – continuing a tradition of leadership by example and contributing to the achievement of several UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Utilities: the Heart of the Collaborative

A key function of the University of Iowa Energy Collaborative is the management of the systems and facilities that provide heating, cooling, sanitary water and storm water sewer services across campus. By leveraging ENGIE North America’s expertise in both clean energy and campus utility systems, the University will reap the dual benefits of optimal utility management and the ability to meet its environmental sustainability goals.

Learning, Earning and Research Opportunities

The work that the Energy Collaborative is performing on campus is creating numerous opportunities for academic collaboration. Benefiting students, faculty, and the UIEC team, collaboration initiatives include utility system internships and employment, curricular enrichment, research, and more.

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