Systems & Facilities

Serving an energy demand equivalent to that of 42,000 homes, the University of Iowa (UI) utilities system includes two power plants, a water treatment plant, a chilled water plant (primarily for air conditioning), and an extensive distribution system. All of these facilities and their equipment are centrally managed and maintained by the University of Iowa Energy Collaborative.





Projects Portfolio

Learn more about the University of Iowa Energy Collaborative’s works in progress.
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Newer Chillers Lower Temps and Costs
Category: Chilled Water | Phase: Construction

At the North Campus Chilled Water Plant, a new 25-year, high-capacity chiller will replace three smaller, aging chillers, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in operating costs. In addition, piping upgrades will make the system more responsive to variations in cooling demand.

Renovated Water Plant Protects Human and Aquatic Life
Category: Water | Phase: Design

To ensure the efficient, sustainable, and safe operation of UI’s potable water treatment plant, the Energy Collaborative will replace the water intake structure and piping. Careful attention has been paid to protect endangered species habitat and to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the riverside structure.

New Boiler Grate Enables Reliable Coal-Free Operation
Category: Steam | Phase: Construction

The University of Iowa depends on steam boilers to heat campus buildings and provide a portion of campus electricity. To ensure the reliability of a crucial boiler that has transitioned from coal to Convergen fuel pellets, the Energy Collaborative is replacing the grate and related equipment with more durable alternatives.