Opportunities for
Academic Collaboration

Academic collaboration is one cornerstone of the partnership between the Energy Collaborative and the University of Iowa (UI). The organizations are working together to bring innovation not only into operation and management of the campuses’ utility systems, but also into the teaching and research opportunities the university offers students.

Employment Opportunities

Every spring and fall semester, ENGIE employs about 30 UI students in positions that provide hands-on work experience in utility systems management. The positions are part-time and flexible, to accommodate class schedules, but still provide students with opportunities to play key roles in daily operations and infrastructure improvement projects.

The University of Iowa Energy Collaborative employment program helps students build their resumes and benefit from ENGIE’s global expertise in power generation, distribution, and renewable energy. Experience gained in these areas will make students strong candidates in their chosen careers after graduation.

Student jobs are available in fields such as:

Water Plan and Treatment Options
Water Plant and
Treatment Operations
Utility Distribution
Financial Analysis
Financial Analysis
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Review our currently available student job opportunities. You can contact the University of Iowa Energy Collaborative via the form below, or email ENGIEatUI@engie.com.

Student Internships

Internships are a crucial tool that ENGIE and Meridiam leverage to share knowledge and expertise with students at partner universities. Student interns develop professional capabilities that prepare them for careers in utilities, engineering, or finance.

Moreover, because of the global reach of the Energy Collaborative’s member companies, internship programs can provide a worldwide network of opportunities that most students would not otherwise be able to access.

ENGIE and Meridiam bring to UI years of experience developing rich internship programs in which participants give back to the university community while supplementing their classroom education with practical, real-world experience.


The University of Iowa Energy Collaborative student internship program is currently in development. Details are coming soon.

Experiential Learning

The UI partnership with the Energy Collaborative sits at the intersection of sustainability and higher education. Thus, it offers opportunities for university faculty to extend their teaching beyond the walls of the classroom:

Plants Tours of utility plants enable students to see how the information they learn in class is applied in the real world.
Teach Guest lectures by facilities staff help students and faculty to better understand UI’s sustainability mission, while also building buy-in for that mission.
Globe The wealth of data that ENGIE collects on utility practices and usage provides opportunities for data analysis in a variety of classroom contexts.

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