Video: Global Energy Trends & Transition with Dr. Michael Webber

Posted on Jun 30, 2022

“I think energy is sort of like magic,” begins Dr. Michael Webber in his recent talk to UI students, faculty, and staff. Professor, author, engineer, inventor, and investment firm executive, Dr. Webber provides context and hope for solving big societal challenges through access to clean, sustainable, affordable energy.

“I have this climate optimism. There are so many good ideas on how to avoid carbon or remove carbon. And there are so many young people who have the energy and enthusiasm to take on this multi-decade battle to solve it,” Dr. Webber says.

Global Energy Trends and Transitions is a down-to-earth, big-picture vision of the massive energy transition playing out in society. See the full presentation with Dr. Michael Webber, Josey Centennial Professor in Energy Resources at the University of Texas at Austin and CTO of Energy Impact partners. Sponsored by the UI Energy Collaborative, the UI Lecture committee, and the UI Office of Sustainability and the Environment.

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