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Chiller Plant Renovation Ribbon Cutting Celebration – October 13th

Join the University of Iowa and energy partner ENGIE for the celebration of a major infrastructure upgrade to the university’s chilled water plant and distribution system. This system supplies all the buildings on campus with 42,000 tons of chilled water for space and process cooling purposes. The newly upgraded and highly resilient system includes the […]

Video: Global Energy Trends & Transition with Dr. Michael Webber

“I think energy is sort of like magic,” begins Dr. Michael Webber in his recent talk to UI students, faculty, and staff. Professor, author, engineer, inventor, and investment firm executive, Dr. Webber provides context and hope for solving big societal challenges through access to clean, sustainable, affordable energy. “I have this climate optimism. There are […]

Newer Chillers Lower Temps and Costs

The University of Iowa maintains a system of four chilled water plants and associated distribution piping. This system supplies all the buildings on campus with chilled water for space and process cooling purposes. One of these plants, the North Campus Chilled Water Plant, which serves the east side of the campus, housed four chillers prior […]

Renovated Water Plant Protects Human and Aquatic Life

Located on the east bank of the Iowa River, the University of Iowa’s water plant is a trusted source of potable water for the University and for the surrounding hospital and clinics. Proper maintenance of the plant is vital to its continued efficient, sustainable, and safe operation. This project focuses on replacing the water intake […]

New Boiler Grate Enables Reliable Coal-Free Operation

The University of Iowa relies on steam to supply heat throughout its campus and generate some of its power. To produce steam, the university uses several types of boilers. One of these, Boiler 10, was originally coal-fired. In 2017, in support of its goal of becoming coal-free by 2025, the university transitioned to burning Convergen […]